Y00AOebLhlCX59D11qensmHJY7s NyubiCrew vs MainHack Created (c) by Princexells Seyka (Princelling Saki)

Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

0 NyubiCrew vs MainHack

Here the history of battle :

I dont know why home_edition2001 want to get some hole of mainhack, people in nyubicrew help this person. There are too many website in the server, and we try to search where website that vuln, and we found it.

With Bug of Joomla Reset Admin, we upload some backdoor. After that we jumping on the server to get domain of mainhack.com

After jumping server, there is a mistake of mainhack webmaster are set the password of config.php same like the password of control panel ( Cpanel )

Login Cpanel where the port is 2082, dump all database, upload it in rapidshare, and deface the main page.

Here the POC :

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